Regina Lyubovnaya (Lyubov)

Born in Moscow, Russia / December 1972

Immigrated to USA in January 1989

1991-1995  Loyola Marymount University, Bachelor in Fine Art and Bachelor in Art History, Los Angeles

1995-1998 Art Center of Desing,  Bachelor in Illustration, Los Angeles

1999-2000 Florence Academy of Art, Italy

2000-2001 Student League of NY, NY

1999-present  Study with David Leffel (American Distinguished artist)


Regina has been represented by a number of


Paul Scott Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ)

Bellagio International Gallery (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Prima Fine Art Gallery ( Laguna Beach, CA)

Litton Gallery (Chicago, IL)

New Masters Gallery (Carmel, CA)

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (NYC, NY)

Seaside Gallery (Pismo Beach, CA)

Village Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

M Studio Gallery (Cold Springs, NY)

Signature Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA)

Monarch Gallery (La Jolla, CA)




Regina has taught art for over 15 years privately, at Brentwood Art CenterArcher School for GirlsKline Academy of Fine Art and LAAFA (LA Academy of Fine Art).

For teaching inquiries, please contact Regina.

"Regina Lyubovnaya brings a resounding clarity to her works that remind one of the early Dutch masters.....Her purposeful yet sparing use of natural light magically reveals intimate secrets about the individuals and objects she paints....It is as if light is another color on her rich palette, used to engage the viewer with the important elements of each work."              

– Paul Eubanks/Paul Scott Gallery (