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Portrait of Daisy is a lesson on capturing the pet's likeness and expression. The lesson starts with structural drawing, yet it is kept to the minimum, so as not to create too specific forms where there is no space for discovery and changes. Finding the big general tonal relationship between light and shadow and refining them as the painting develops. Especial attention is given to the painting of expressive eyes and how to simplify nose to 4 big planes. I also talk about using brushstrokes to express the movement, directions, and difference in quality ( soft, long vs hard, short) hair/ fur. This is a video that you can just watch or paint along with me. You are most welcome to send your painting for my review. Thank you for all your support. Included in Lesson: 1 Reference Photo Instructional Video (Duration: 2 hours 56 minutes) 1 Image of Finished Painting Unlimited access to the lesson.




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