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Girl with Crimson Ribbons

This is a video lesson with a very comprehensive step by step instructions for painting a portrait in two layers. Part I includes blocking in, finding scale and size relationship and placement, then painting shadow shapes and light shapes. Special emphasis from the start are put on edges, expressive brushstrokes and use of paint. Part II is painting wet into dry, full attention on capturing flow of light on the surface of the face, bringing painting to a the finish by improving and editing portrait as a whole through simplifying, unifying softening edges, harmonizing colors and applying thicker paint with expressive brushwork. I hope you will enjoy whether you paint along with me or not, please fill free to send me your questions and results. Happy learning, Happy painting! Included in Lesson: 1 Reference Photo 1 Image of Finished Painting 2 Instructional Videos (Duration: 3 hours 46 minutes) Unlimited access to the lesson.




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