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Portrait of Emilia

The video lesson is a "Portrait of Emilia" - a lesson that is great for beginners and intermedium level painters. Because it's profile and one doesn't need to deal with symmetry and double features, it's shorter and introduces how to start a portrait by painting stability of shadow and movement of light. It focuses on a start (first layer) and strong foundation as well as shows a warm-up on mixing skin tones before starting to paint. ***If you have purchased the original lesson released back in February 2023 and would like to have an edited version (basically the same lesson with better quality, smoother narration PLUS bonus highlights on finishing touches), please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with this new version.*** Included in Lesson: 1 Reference Photo 1 Instructional Video (Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes) 1 Image of Finished Painting Unlimited access to the lesson.




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