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White Mums in Blue & White Vase

I believe painting still life is the best way to learn to paint. In this still life of white mums, we are presented with a few challenges, one painting light falling on very petals white flowers and painting double color vase. We will start with sketching with the brush, isolating shadow shapes from light, separating background from the foreground. Fun really begins than we are painting the melody of light, describing the flow of light from one flower to another. Each flower is a part of the larger flow, yet has its own individuality. This painting is done in two days/two layers. I will show you how a first day painting, can be transform to a higher finish, adding more light, rethinking shapes, edges, editing out all that is extra and making a painterly, luminous painting. Happy Learning! Happy Painting! Included in Lesson: Unlimited access to the lesson 1 Reference Photo Instructional Video (duration 3 hours and 03 minutes) 1 image of the Finished Painting




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