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Still Life with Glass & Pear - Demonstration Lesson

In this still life lesson, we explore how light works on solid object ( pear) compare to semitransparent objects ( glass, grapes and tangerine pieces). Presence of Light is what makes painting beautiful. In my teaching, I encourage you to see still life not as a selection of different objects but as composition or melody of flow of light through the painting. Painting objects becomes an excuse to paint the light. That’s why it’s important to understand how some surfaces reflect light while others allow light to transpass through them. The first part of this lesson is edited version of my zoom class. As a bonus there is Q&A at the end of the Part I. The second part was filmed to show how I would take the painting to another level of finish by bringing even more light, thicker paint, finer details and rework edges. I hope you’ll enjoy this lesson! Happy painting! Happy learning! Included in this lesson: 1 Instructional Videos [2 parts] (Total Duration: 3 hours 22 min) Unlimited access to the lesson.




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