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Eden Roses in Blues and White Vase

The purpose of this lesson is of course to learn how to paint roses in a composition. But of course, we can not learn how to paint roses, we can only learn how to make brushstrokes and their relationship to each other in value, color, edges, paint quality, or application that in the end creates the illusion of three-dimensional rose with light dancing through the petals flowing from one form to another and connecting all elements in this one melody of light supported by darker base notes of shadow which is the whole painting. It’s filmed in two layers, so we can see how to take a painting to the next level. This movie was posted for the first time on my website, but it is a second edited version of the one released back in February. It’s improved by removing unnecessary sounds and pauses with the addition of diagrams at the very beginning. If you have purchased this movie before I will be happy to give you a new edited version at no charge, simply let me know by email. Happy Learning! Happy Painting! Included in Lesson: Unlimited access to the lesson 1 Reference Photo Instructional Video (duration 2 hours and 26 minutes) 1 image of the Finished Painting




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