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Expressive Brushstroke Lesson

This lesson starts with learning how to hold a brush properly to make a brushstrokes. We discuss sculptural painting verses, rendering and blending techniques. I emphasize the importance of applying paint as a brushstroke and leaving it alone, not blending it out, so it describes the planes and space relationship, the depth and the quality of the surface. I also talk about two types of brushstroke - one painted over the form and another along the form, their different purposes and effects. Brushstrokes also set the pace of reading painting from slow to fast. During the class, we have slide show of use of a brushstroke through history of art and demonstration of the portrait how to apply brushstrokes to create form and flow of light. And so much more! Included in this lesson: 1 Instructional Video (Total Duration: 1 hour 37 min) Unlimited access to the lesson.


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Study of Painting Bundle


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