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Color: Harmony vs. Dissonance - Zoom Lesson

This video is partly a recording of my September Zoom lesson on Color with an extensive slide show that demonstrates different types of color harmonies by different artists and examples of dissonance of color. The second part of the class is a new recording on how to think harmony before you start painting on the example of setting up 4 different still life (what works and what doesn’t) and lastly, I demonstrate how to harmonize colors on your palette while you painting: good and bad habits of mixing colors. This 1 1/2-hour video is full of information, from definitions and properties of color to learning how artists used color harmony to create strong compositions and emotions. However, it still was not enough time to cover all the questions about Color Harmony and I am planning to do Part II. Hope you enjoy it. Happy learning. Included in this lesson: 1 Instructional Video (Total Duration: 1 hour 32 min) Unlimited access to the lesson.


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