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Edges: Poetry of Edges - Zoom Lesson

Edges is a fascinating, multifaceted subject. Edges add a magical quality to your painting; they play an important role in creating an illusion of form, and tactile quality of surfaces and they help control the value. Edges are also important in your composition and readability of your painting. They create compositional flow and rhythm, a sense of air, distance, and space around your objects. How do we determine where to soften an edge and where to make it sharp? We cannot rely on our eyes because they are focusing instruments - the minute we look at something, it comes to the focus and all edges become clear (meaning sharp). So, how do we solve the problem of edges? We can choose concepts like Near to Far, Fast to Slow, or an Atmospheric perspective to guide us in our choices of edge-making and use our sense of aesthetics to determine how we want our painting to look and seen. This 2-hour video is full of information, from definitions and properties of edges to their functions. I hope you enjoy it. Happy learning. Included in this lesson: 2 Instructional Videos (Total Duration: 1 hour 57 min) Unlimited access to the lesson.


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