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Regina's 4 Day Semi-Private Workshop, Los Angeles, September 26 - 29, 2024

Dec 5, 2024

To reserve your spot, please reach out via email at

Painting is not about secrets or elusive techniques—it's about understanding how to see, interpreting what we see and understanding optical

illusions and personal biases that can distort our perception. We'll explore the fundamental principles of painting, our five essential tools:

value, color, edges, paint quality, and brushstrokes through the lenses of their connectedness and interdependency.

My motto is simple: painting is logical and therefore it is absolutely learnable.

I will demonstrate how I think and problem solve so you can see the logic behind every decision for every brushstroke. You will be submerge in

challenging, creative, productive environment yet there is no expectation or judgment of you. I do gentle planting of new seeds, it will be

up to you to nurture them through your painting practice.

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